ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Contax Tvs instruction manuals and related photographic literature for. 25 Jan Hello I just bought contax tvs film one and cannot find nowhere manual in english . i found only japanese one. Do anybody have link to manual. 18 Apr It may sound stupid (expecially when you use the TVS for one year) but I have just discovered that in the manual-focus mode, you have some.

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Thanks for that great info Jeremy. Beautifully solid in a good way, but much too weighty…. The TVS is not for everyone and not for every photographic situation but, these days, I think there are lots of good subjective reasons to consider it. In autofocus mode the LCD shows contax tvs manual little black circle if focus has locked successfully.

One other small but important for me detail is that the Contax TVS has a standard lens cap rather than the fancy flipdown cover of the later model. High contrast, virtually no distortion, contax tvs manual colour rendition, almost no tendency to flare and some nice but subtle vignette, especially ccontax at wide apertures.

Contax TVS Digital Instruction Manual | Page 60

That being accidentally stuck on a minus is the only contax tvs manual Maanual can contax tvs manual of for the problem.

Additionally, if you would like to contribute a post of your contax tvs manual to 35mmc, click here! In manual mode it becomes a centre weighted reflective spot meter. Focus is set with the dial on the right and has options for autofocus, 0.

For me it can help to see which distance has been metered has I am realy weird at using an AF in tricky situations but in most situation, majual is just luxury but it confirm that the TVS was really designed has a compact Contax G and can be pleasant for rangefinder users.

Contax TVS Digital Instruction Manual | Page 60 – Free PDF Download

It takes one CR battery which seems to last forever if you go easy on the flash. More critical than any contax tvs manual that is the fact that this camera, like most of its type, is probably living contax tvs manual borrowed time. I have lots of Contax cameras but not a compact.

Reply Contax tvs manual September 19, at 8: But the first film did not work out. No fiddling back through contax tvs manual every time you start up. I was in constant fear of knocking the thing off.

On such things reputations are built, especially in camera forums. This is the pick of the bunch. May I ask which film was used? The TVS does a very good job conhax pretty much contax tvs manual the things I want from a camera like this and it does those things rvs a pleasurable and tactile way. By clicking that link, as long as you buy, bid tfs or win an auction within 24hrs — at no extra cost to you — I will receive a little kick back from ebay to help keep 35mmc up and running.

Yeah, having looked more am going to take my time on the contax SLR thing. Picking a few contax tvs manual in the untouchable — A Konica Hexar review July 16, The Contax TVS is a fancy compact zoom camera from the mid nineties.

Edited by Sonny Boy Havidson member 7 years ago. Reply Lee Contax tvs manual 27, at So much to get my teeth into. Autofocus itself is fast and very accurate; it triggers pretty much instantly on a half-press of the shutter regardless of whether the camera has been in sleep mode or contax tvs manual. Xontax weighs just over grammes with battery and film loaded and, for me, it feels just right. If nowt else I think i need to get rid of some unused cameras first: A particular concern with the TVS is a thin micro ribbon cable connecting the lens to the camera body.

Reply jeremy north September 11, at 6: Reply Hamish Gill November 27, at Yes but it also took me years to understand what was the use this button on my SLR “which only darkened the finder”.

On the very rare mznual I care contax tvs manual those things I use the LCD indicator to find 35mm and shoot at f5. Two dials, three little buttons and two LCDs. None of the Contax compacts have a reputation for great reliability and they are all long beyond realistic service.

So in summary the Contax TVS is a pleasure to use. The shutter release button is recessed and positioned quite far to the right of the top plate. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Reply Frank Lehnen November 27, at To take the shot requires enough extra contax tvs manual to prevent mistakes.