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You can here download question papers fr Its various types are: Draw the waveforms generated in a medical stimulator. Brain waves are classified into our types.


With a neat diagram, discuss about the equipment used to correct this. Rate faster than BPM is called tachycardia. Distinguish radiographic and fluoroscopic techniques. It is the sum of vital capacity and residual volume.

What is the range of systolic blood pressure in the normal adult? This in turn results in the development of action potential that is transmitted down the optic nerve. Explain with neat diagrams of the setup used. The principle fluid medium of the cell is water. A record of corneal- retinal potentials associated with eye movements is called electrooculogram. If the transmitter substance in inhibitory, the membrane qquestion of the receptor neuron increases in a negative direction. It is caused by an accelerated flow.

Flame photometer is used to analyze urine or blood in order to determine the concentration of potassium Ksodium Nacalcium Caand lithium Li. The resting potential ranges from to nV.

EC2021 Medical Electronics Nov Dec 2015 Question Paper

Mention the methods of measurement of cardiac output. The minimum energy required to excite the heart muscle is about 10 joules.

Immediately the image can be seen and examination can be finished within short time. It consists of a standard glass pH electrode elfctronics with the rubber membrane permeable to CO2, between the glass surface and membrane; there is a thin film of water.

Blood flow meters are used to monitor the blood flow in various blood vessels and to measure caridiac output.

The condition of heart at which the necessary synchronism is lost is known as fibrillation.

In standard leads, the potentials are tapped from 4 locations of our body. E Civil 5th Semester Question Define Later receptor potential LRP.

EC Medical Electronics Question Bank | Devasena A. –

The brain consists of three parts, such as cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem. The dry outer skin of the body is highly non-conductive, and will not establish a good electrical contact with an electrode.

The PH is defined as the logarithm of the reciprocal of W ion concentration.

A group of cells of the same type is called tissue. Define absolute refractory period.

There is cent percent safety for circuit from external disturbances. List the conditions satisfied by a bio-signal amplifier.

EC Medical Electronics Question Bank – Sreedhar Edition

So that the receptor neuron is more likely to discharge and produces a spike potential. Electrically etching the tip of a fine tungsten or stainless steel wire to a fine point is known as electrpointing. The vital capacity VC is the maximum volume of gas that can be expelled from the lungs after a maximal inspiration.

Electronics and Communication Engineering. When the cell is said to be polarized? Click here to sign up.