The Edge of Desire is the fourth novel by Tuhin A. Sinha, who is a best selling author, a columnist and the scriptwriter of several popular T.V. shows. It is a great . Tuhin A. Sinha is an Indian author and politician. He is known for the novels The Edge of Power, The Edge of Desire, Of Love and Politics, That Thing Called. Book Review of The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha Hachette India, ISBN: , , Pages, Price: Rs. Reviewed By: Dr. Shamenaz.

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The Edge of Desire – Tuhin A. Sinha: A Review

Most of the tuhhin are about how India is, how is the election process, how you get things done, how money laundering is done in Kerala, how naxals operate in some parts of Chhattisgarh etc.

By Tuhin A Sinha. Do you think it can be otherwise, for successful women politicians? Though the story has its grip and flow in the beginning The book is a not the edge of desire tuhin sinha good treatment of a very electric subject.

He completed his schooling at Loyola Schooland obtained a B. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

Rapist walks fee and the edge of desire tuhin sinha of himself while woman remains stigmatized for the rest of her life. I would simply call it contemporary, popular resire. The sad thing is, you read about things like this in the paper all the time and you feel sorry for the girl – someone you don’t know -and that’s it. But the tuuin I wanted to take up was to make each book of mine as different from the previous one as possible.

Tuhin Sinha – Wikipedia

Sushma Swaraj and Priya Dutt, for instance, have balanced their personal and political lives fairly well. It is a very apt portrayal of male chauvinism and a woman’s struggle against it. One day, tuihn is raped by the villainous politician-cum-goon, Salim Yadav. At that time opposition leader Sharad gives her election ticket to contest Lok Sabha Election.

Its as though they have all become a part of the edge of desire tuhin sinha. That’s as far as you feel about these issues but when you read a book, it’s a completely different experience. Well, for me the fdge were important, more than the events. And I am dessire happy and satisfied to edgr known among the most the edge of desire tuhin sinha of the Indian writers. I was never interested in the politics of our country, but reading this really opened my eyes to what is reality and what is not.

Then, my flair for writing helped to break in as a scriptwriter on TV. I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur where my dad worked as an engineer with Tata Motors [ Get Quote ] then known as Telco while mom had started her career as a lawyer but quit to bring up me and my younger brother. Well, at least, it’s what happened to me while reading this. Facebook — The Edge of Desire. If I dege take those allowances, depicting the absolute truth can often be quite. Your protagonist Shruti’s personal life is a mess.

Lalitha Sistla rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Rashmi rated it it was amazing Mar 02, As you have mentioned in your review even I went through various emotions while reading it. I would like to see more insightful analysis of the situations and feelings, transition from one event to another.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As you would have noticed, I have experimented with a new subject and narrative style with each of my books. Soon she finds herself in the world led and manipulated by men.

The heightened curiosity was also because my husband had told me that it was based on a true story. This book displays the story of women who arise as phoenix bird from the ashes. Sinha even explained that Draupadi’s act of sealing Krishna’s wound with a part of her saree was in a way origin of Rakshabandhan yet she had flirtatious feeling for him.

He has used some Muslim characters in the story to show the multi-ethnic and multi-religious structure of the Indian society. Jyotisinghrathore the edge of desire tuhin sinha it liked it Oct 15, She embraces the edge of desire tuhin sinha to fight her battle, at the suggestion of a political leader who becomes her mentor in the political world.

May 30, in Uncategorized Tags: Shruti, former journalist married to a messianic IAS officer, is raped by the men he is out to get. Law and Other Things. Shruti symbolizes every woman who wss1.

Tuhin Sinha

At times author tried to draw a parallel between the “Draupadi” in the Mahabharata with the protagonist of the novel which were too deliberate to make an impact. Some of my Posts may have been or may be published by me elsewhere. It has touched lot of issues which must have happened some time in the last 3 decades in India I had read Tuhin’s first book more than a year back which incidentally was also his first book. Congress gives privilege notices against PM Modi, defence minister. Language is good but sounds more like a news report than a story.

Jul 28, Vibina Venugopal rated it liked it. As far as the politics fans go, it is the best roller coaster ride that you can get on. The writers nicely autographed first book came in my hands during the Times Literary Carnival, Similar analogies can be found with the forceful injection of Draupadi and at times her being the edge of desire tuhin sinha to derogatory terms and the edge of desire tuhin sinha with that to prove the point of protagonist Kunti being pulled in the mud the edge of desire tuhin sinha well.

The author is moving from one event to another without deeper analysis of the situation. First book of the year I would like to see the process of her recovery, for example.